Luisa Miller, 2011
Poster for Luisa Miller (2011)

About the production

Bath Opera's main production for 2011 will be Verdi's Luisa Miller.

Performances will be given at the Wroughton Theatre on 24th 25th and 26th February 2011.

If your idea of a good Verdi opera contains a heady mix of love, romance, intrigue, jealousy and a sprinkling of tragic deaths, all delivered within a stunning musical score then you need look no further than Luisa Miller.

Written when Verdi was at the very height of his powers, coming between Macbeth and Rigoletto, it is strange that Luisa Miller not as well known as its two neighbours. Why this should be is a mystery, as the music is lyrical throughout and in addition to glorious writing for the chorus and all the soloists the opera contains what is considered to be the most beautiful tenor aria Verdi wrote .

Set in the Austrian Tyrol in the 18th Century, the subtitles of the three Acts – ‘Love’ ‘Intrigue’ and ‘Poison’ plot the opera’s inexorable path from the sunshine and hope of a village morning into the darkness and despair generated within the castle of the wicked Count.

With a very strong cast of soloists, large chorus and orchestra and innovative staging this production, sung in English, is going to be a very powerful theatrical event not to be missed.

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