Bastien and Bastienne / La Serva Padrona, 2008
Poster for Bath Opera at the Rondo (2008)

About the production

Bastien and Bastienne

Mozart wrote this opera at the age of only 12 supposedly as a commission from the famous 'magnetician' Dr Anton Mesmer as in Mesmerise (later to be famously parodied in Cosi fan Tutte). It is a spoof pastorale . Bastienne and Bastien are respectively shepherdess and shepherd whose love can only be brought to fruition by the intervention of a magician and his fake spells.

La Serva Padrona (The Maidservant Turned Mistress)

Pergolesi is best known today as a composer of sacred music, but in his short 26 year life he was prolific is all genres of music and this comic opera was highly popular in its day. It had a run of nearly two hundred performances in Paris alone in 1753 and started a furious debate on whether the future of opera lay in the French or this the Italian style the Italian style won the argument.

With only two singing parts, the mini opera follows the scheming Serpina as she sets out her stall to elevate herself from serving maid to the lady of the house.

Performance Dates

The double-bill received one performance, on Thursday 3 July 2008, as part of Bath Opera's three night summer season at the Rondo Theatre.

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