Candide, 2008

About the production

Candide, 21st 22nd 23rd February 2008

Bath Opera’s production catapults us into the eighteenth century, with its recklessly optimistic faith in human nature, despite all the evidence that this optimism is misplaced. Based on Voltaire’s fiery satirical novel, the show plots the bizarre life of its naïve hero Candide, as he is forced to travel the world in search of his beloved Cunégonde. Undaunted by battles, bigotry, confidence tricks, natural disasters and a huge cast of characters, each one more eccentric than the last, Candide is buffeted from Paris to Venice by way of Buenos Aires, before he finally learns the simple lesson about where true happiness is to be found.

Candide’s adventures inspired Leonard Bernstein to compose a display of musical fireworks which are as breathtaking as they are attractive and tuneful and which are guaranteed to stay in the memory long after the show is over.

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