La Boheme, 2009

About the production

Bath Opera's touring production for 2009 will be Puccini's La Boheme. The production will be presented in Bath Opera's highly successful touring format, fully staged but without a large chorus. It is anticipated that various performances will be given over a period of several months. The performances confirmed so far are listed here.


Bath Opera's policy is to hold "open auditions" for principal parts. In other words, auditions for principal parts are performed in front of a panel and the other auditionees.

Auditions for La Boheme will be held at Widcombe Junior School at 10:30am on Sunday 1st March 2009. Auditions are free for members of Bath Opera, but there will be a non-refundable audition fee of 15 for non-members. We regret that, as an amateur group, we are unable to pay any expenses for participating with Bath Opera.

Peter has chosen the audition pieces for each principal part. If you wish to be considered for a part please contact us with details of which ones interest you, and we will e-mail the music to you. However, please note that we will not be providing copies of Mimi's Aria pp 70-75, Musetta's Aria pp 139-143 or Rodolfo's Aria pp 64-70.

Sung in English - Page numbers from the Ricordi Edition


Mimi (Soprano) pp 70 - 75 (Mi chiamano...* - NOT SUPPLIED), pp 79 - 84 (Duet - End of Act I)
Musetta (Soprano) pp 139 - 143 (Waltz Song - NOT SUPPLIED)
Rodolfo (Tenor) pp 64- 70 (Che gelida manina...* - NOT SUPPLIED), pp 79 - 84 (Duet - End of Act I)
Marcello (Baritone) pp 236- 240
Schaunard - Baritone pp 30-34
Colline (Bass/Baritone) pp 266-267
Benoit (Bass) pp 44-46
Alcindoro (Bass) pp 44 -46 (he may be double cast with Benoit), PLUS pp 141 - 142 (Waltz Song - NOT SUPPLIED) - he will need to "listen" in character to Musetta and then join in

* Titles in Italian - but of course sung in English. Feel free to "improve" the translation.

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