The Jewels of the Madonna, 2009


Bath Opera's policy is to hold "open auditions" for principal parts. In other words, auditions for principal parts are performed in front of a panel and the other auditionees.

Please note that there are no auditions to join the group or sing in the chorus of our main productions - an enthusiasm for opera is all you need!

Auditions for The Jewels of the Madonna will be held at Widcombe Junior School at 7:30pm on Wednesday 3rd September 2008. Auditions are free for members of Bath Opera, but there will be a non-refundable audition fee of 15 for non-members. We regret that, as an amateur group, we are unable to pay any expenses for participating with Bath Opera.

Peter has chosen the audition pieces for each principal part. If you wish to be considered for a part please contact us with details of which ones interest you, and we will e-mail the music to you. To help you decide, here is a list of characters:

Principal Characters

Gennaro (Romantic Tenor Lead, Blacksmith) pp 80 - 88, pp 312 - 315
Rafaele (Camorra leader [think "Mafia"], Baritone) pp 291 - 294, pp 108 - 111
Maliella (Woman they are fighting over, Soprano) Updated 3/8/08: pp 56-76 (not the sections previously advertised)

Further Characters

Vocally, the following parts are smaller, but are "good" cameo roles

Carmela (Gennaro's mother - has a great duet with her son, Mezzo) pp 80 - 88
Totonno (The score describes him as "a young man of the peasant class" - now there's a euphamism, Tenor) pp 46 - 47 and needs an "A" that's not on those pages
Biaso (A more intelligent peasant, Bass) pp 53 - 55, pp 91 - 92
Ciccillo (Tenor [Buffo], Sidekick to Rafaele) pp 91 - 92, pp 232 - 238
Rocco (Bass, Sidekick to Rafaele) pp 91 - 92, pp 232 - 238
Stella (Soprano, "Friend" of the Camorrists) pp 243 - 248, pp 232 - 238
Serena (Mezzo, "Friend" of the Camorrists) pp 243 - 248, pp 232 - 238
Concetta (Soprano, "Friend" of the Camorrists) pp 243 - 248, pp 232 - 238


From 28 vocal tracks on a hard-to-get-hold-of CD, the chorus feature on 22!

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