Candide, 2008


Bath Opera's policy is to hold "open auditions" for principal parts. In other words, auditions for principal parts are performed in front of a panel and the other auditionees.

Please note that there are no auditions to join the group or sing in the chorus - an enthusiasm for opera is all you need!

Auditions for Candide will be held on Sunday 23rd September (venue TBA). Auditions are free for members of Bath Opera, but there will be a non-refundable audition fee for non-members.

Peter has chosen the audition pieces for each principal part. If you wish to be considered for a part please contact us with details of which ones interest you, and we will e-mail the music to you. If you haven’t got a printer, please tell us and we will post it to you. To help you decide, here is a list of characters, followed by an image showing the vocal ranges:

Principal Characters

Voltaire Patter baritone - an actor more than a singer. Voltaire assumes the characters of Pangloss, Cacambo and Martin.
Candide Tenor - romantic lead
Cunegonde High soprano (to sustained D and touches E flat.)
Paquette Soprano – coquette
Maximilian High baritone - pompous, camp
Old Lady Mezzo-soprano – has seen the world and survived, observes life with humour
Governor High tenor

There are 47 named parts in addition to peasants, executioners, monkeys, etc. All these will be chosen in opening rehearsals and auditions.

Vocal ranges

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