Jenufa, 2018
Poster for Jenufa, 2018

About the production

Jenufa by Moravian composer Leos Janacek opened in mid-February 2018 at the Roper Theatre, Hayesfield School, Bath - our new home since our previous venue became unavailable.

This was a challenging but powerful start to 2018. Perhaps because this beautiful opera is not well known to our established audiences and supporters, and because it was performed in a new larger venue, our financial target took a hit of about 1,500. Fortunately our reserves can easily accommodate this. There is absolutely no doubt that our principal singers loved bringing this moving story to life with great sensitivity.

As is so often the case, the Bath Opera chorus acquitted themselves well as the villagers, and each individual created believable characters with appropriate reactions towards both the tragic events and the celebrations. No 'park and bark' here, unless it was appropriate! The Gala night was a huge success with the talk by Isobel well supported, and the delicious canapes sponsored by her daughter Willa.

Thank you to Peter and his fantastic orchestra, the first-rate cast, set and lighting designers, and all who contributed, including the extremely helpful and efficient staff at the Roper. The public liked the venue, and feedback has been positive.

Musical Director/Conductor PETER BLACKWOOD.

Stage Director JANE CLARK.

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