Cosi Fan Tutte, 2010
Poster for Cosi Fan Tutte (2010)

Review - Cheddar Valley Gazette, 5 August 2010

Cosi Fan Tutte (which translates as 'thus do all women') is one of three operas by Mozart for which the libretto was written by Lorenzo Da Ponte.

Bath Opera's production in the Kings Theatre at the Kings of Wessex School, Cheddar, at the weekend was a very creditable portrayal of this fiancee-swapping story.

The performances by all the cast were strong, and they were clearly enjoying their roles, bringing the right amount of humour to the story.

If the two officers, Ferrando and Guglieimo, played by Rupery Drury and Anthony Sanchez, did resemble certain characters from a television advert for a telephone directory service, the strength of their performances some overcame that potential distraction.

Hannh Lockwood and Leonie Martin, as the sisters Fiordiligi and Dorabella, made the rather improbable story credible by the way they appeared to react when the men return in exotic disguises.

Peter Redfern as the scheming Don Alfonso and Alexandra Denman as mobile beautician (and 'doctor') Despina played their parts with the appropriate amount of mischief.

This was a very well presented and fun production which made opera accessible to many in the audience who did not consider themselves opera goers.

The simple yet versatile set helped the acoustic in this well designed theatrical space and the whole performance was underpinned by the sensitive piano accompaniment of Peter Blackwood, to who the prize for the performance of the evening must go.

The production was arranged by the Rotary Club of Mendip and is thought to have raised more than 1,400 for charity.

Richard Kilburn

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